Unwind in March

The March Tee

It takes a lot to make a great tee better. That’s why there’s so much more to the new March Tee. More life. More texture. More detail. It’s our most refined tee yet.

100% Supima cotton. 2x stronger. 4x softer.

The extra-long Supima fiber produces a yarn that's extremely soft and breathable. It is highly resistant to breaking, which makes it twice as strong as regular cotton. Only 1% of all the cotton produced in the world is certified of this quality.

Supima absorbs dye better. Which is why the March Tee retains its color forever. Mercerization leaves zero surface lint, while adding lustre. What you get is a refined look that ages well.


A modern cut. Every millimeter matters.

Each size is individually designed to achieve a great fit. The arms and hips are more fitted and tapered on smaller sizes and more comfortable on larger tees. The 2XL is relaxed all around.

An incredible amount of research goes into how much a tee should weigh. An ultra-fine yarn is densely knit to produce the most superior drape.


Invisible stitching. Classic crew neck. No bling.

A very special sewing process ensures that the stitch on the waist and arm is strong, yet completely invisible on the outside. Like magic.

The neck rib is the life of a crew Tee. A high density blend of Supima and Elastane ensures that it stays put. The modern trim cut looks great on denim.

There are no logos, no prints, no pockets. The March Tee is simple. Its design serves a single purpose. You.

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